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Salvage, offshore/ Sea Tow

 With our partners, we are able to help ships in distress within shortest time worldwide. Offshore with GLOBAL MARINE has a strong future. Towage of docks as well as relocation of oil platforms are among others reliably possible.

Floating Crane Service

 Safe heavy load transport in the port and on the high seas with modern floating cranes. We move single weights from 60 to 600 tons in a modern way so that the handling of heavy cargo and large-volume goods can be handled. Loading, transport and assembly of large shipbuilding sections and aggregates, shipyard service and port loading are some of our services.

pontoon Transports


Astable base for heavy components. Together with our strong partners we offer you pontoon transports of any kind.

Oil/ pollutant -accident response



Keeping an eye on natural protection. In the course of oil spill response, GLOBAL MARINE also provides coastal protection. Regular joint exercises with tugs and oil spill response vessels in port and at sea guarantee the highest technical know-how and a perfectly trained team of experts.

distribution and utilization of average goods

Takeover of surplus goods/ average lots of the industry and many other partners. For many insurers we act as " silent recycler". Secure- Salvage- Process- Market.

Ship disposal


The massive increase in environmental awareness and the increasingly stringent legal requirements demand technically flawless and environmentally friendly solutions for the disposal of shipwrecks. Together with our partners, we form a highly specialized disposal company for shipwrecks of all sizes, with comprehensive technical infrastructure and the necessary transport capacities.

Care and repatriation of stowaways- protection form pirate attacks- ambulance transports of crew members


It happens again and again that "stowaways" sneak in on the ship.

Our long-time experienced of all necessary documentation for the repatriation of the "stowaways". We take care of, take over and hand over "stowaways" after their identification and with the corresponding documentation to the authority in the home country.

The protection of your crew, ship and also floating platform against pirates, e.g. in the Gulf of Guinea, is in our interest. We provide security personnel according to international standards. In case of hostage- taking by pirates, we become active for you and provide experienced negotiators. 

Seriously ill crew members are repatriated with medical escorts to their home countries. Our trained personnel procure the necessary documents.

Blueworld Projectmanagement

With our engineers, we plan, project and produce order-related systems for industry and business.
The focus is on the production of reverse osmosis systems, beverage systems, solar systems, hall construction and environmentally friendly production processes. It is important to us to work closely and openly with our customers.

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- Vessel Salvage

- Offshore/ Seagoing

-Floating Crane Service

-Pontoon transportation

-Pollutant calamity

-Distribution and use of goods accident

-Ship disposal

-repatriation of strowaways found on a vessel

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