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your strong partner in stormy seas

Capt. Hartmut Trawka
Director, Marine Claims and Risk Management
Nhung Trinh
Sales Manager Südost Asien
Jörg Weber
Project Manager Salvage, Transport, Securing and damage assessment


Heike Nerstheimer
Master of dental technology
Director, Documentation and Environmental Protection
Dino Arouna
Ansprechpartner Afrika
Global Marine Salvage & Service LLC
Daniel Iurcu
Account Manager
Global Marine Salvage & Service LLC
Uwe Nerstheimer
Engineer ( mechanic. Engineering)
Director Operation & Strategie , P&I Survey, Havarie Management


Ralf Sydow
Director, Insurance claims, Average goods,
Goods disposal


Rainer Römer 
Project Manager Heavy handling, Pontoon Transport 
Sandy Kurta
European Direct Sales Manager 
Global Marine Salvage & Service LLC
Jusupow, Stanislaw
Account Manager 
Global Marine Salvage & Service LLC
Romeo, Kroner
Global Marine Salvage & Service LLC

Strong team - Global Marine

Our parent company, PETCOM-INSPECTION GMBH, offers many years of experience and best contacts worldwide. Continuous development and practice procedures, let the gears mesh neatly and work smoothly. We stand for reliable communication ind interaction. 24h Hotline ist geschaltet: +49 174 827 70 00

Nature and environment


Everyone knows the biological footprint, as a symbol of the overexploitation of the earth. We stand for and behind environmental protection. in this context we support many actions and associations. Therefore, we consider it one of our basic principles to carry out our work in an environmental consultants are closely at our side.

Certify and document


In order to achieve a smooth process and a comprehensible workflow, we stand for the accuracy all necessary documents is located in-house and works very conscientiously.