-Salvage of Nordland 1 off the island of Borkum, towing into the port of Borkum, sale for scrapping

 2011 client: P&I Club at Hamburg


-Salvage of the traditional ship "Siljan" in the port of Stockholm

 2011 client: P&I Club at Hamburg


-Salvage of "Sophia" in Algeria

 2012 client: P&I Club at Hamburg


-Salvage of a traditional ship in the port of Stockholm

 2012 client: P&I Club at Hamburg

Floating crane service


-"Seefox" secured with a floating crane in Rostockafter a motor accident

 2016 client company: Neptun – Import Rostock

Oil and pollutant


-Properly contaminated soil by oil on the island of Borkum after the salvage of Nordland 1

 2011 client: P&I Club at Hamburg


-Wrecked "Edro3" off the island of Cyprus was secured from sinking and cleaned of all sustances.

 2012 client: P&I Club at Hamburg



-after successful salvage of the "Denep3" in the port of "Algecira"  - sale of the vessel "Denep3" was arranged by us.

 2012 client P&I Club at Hamburg


-Takeover and marketing of containers from fire to the "Flaminia"

 2014 client: Shipping Company MSC



-Sale of the "MS Seefox"

 2016 Client: Voss Group of Companies


-Acceptance of non-performing containers for professional disposal or for marketing from the shipping companies MSC ,   Evergreen , OOCL ,CMA our constantly contracting shipping companies.

Care and Repatriation of Stowaways - Pirate attacks - Patient transports


-Our experts have compehensively processed numerous cases in recent years.


-"Stowaways" from Nigeria were repatriated to their home contry by the MS "Khadeen Jahan" to Casablanca.


-2016 order from UNICORN Marine Average Consultant GmbH


-12 "stowaways" were found on board the MS "Kauna Seaways". All 12 "stowaways were successfully repatriated to their       home country.


-2017 order by UNICORN Marine Average Consultant GmbH

Blueworld Projektmanagement


-2021 Construction of solar system Rotterdam, Arnesco BV


-2022 Design of water treatment plants


-2023 Construction of bottling stations




Blueworld Projektmanagement
Construction and design of reverse osmosis stations
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